by Earl Barrett-Holloway

THE SQUID #2 is coming soon!

All the artwork for THE SQUID #2 has been created and is loaded awaiting printing, so stoked! It’s been a challenging process for me and the results are going to be a lot of fun to share with you. I should be printing the second issue some time in October if all goes well with my fundraising. Here’s a few images of what the book looks like inside.

Pages seven and eight from THE SQUID #2

Pages seven and eight from THE SQUID 2


Artistically issue two of THE SQUID is a departure from issue one. It’s done in ink and is black and white throughout the interior. The first issue, as those of you who read it already know, was done entirely in MSPaint which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. I also studied once again with the talented Tom Motley and picked up a lot of very useful lessons and some reinforcements on technique which prepped me for working on this issue.

Page 11 from THE SQUID #2.

Page 11 from THE SQUID #2.


THE SQUID 2 picks up right where THE SQUID 1 left off. We see him on land and amongst people but what this issue primarily deals with is the origin of THE SQUID which was a lot of fun to flesh out. We see who he was before he was THE SQUID and how he wound up in the ocean in the first place.

If anyone out there is interested in helping me fund issue two of THE SQUID, please check out it’s Kickstarter here. There’s some pretty cool incentives for you to take advantage of if you feel like helping out.